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IOT Enabled – RFID UHF Reader – Desktop Wi-Fi Reader

Features of

IOT Enabled - RFID UHF Reader - Desktop Wi-Fi Reader

This Latest Model, Wi-Fi Enabled UHF Desktop Reader provides you the Best Result in reading the Passive RFID tags.

Its Best-In-Class design satisfies your two significant goals while reading a Product


Performance Specifications:

  • Frequency Range: 865 to  867MHz
  • Type: WiFi reader
  • Built-in Antenna,
  • Micro USB for Reader configuration
  • EPC C1G2,
  • IS018000-6C, IS015693.
  • Reading Range: > 30 cm
  • USB Power source

Physical Specifications:

  • Size: 110mm x 50mm x 10mm
  • Material: Plastic
  • Operational Temperature: -40~+85
  • Storage Temperature: -40 ~+85

The State-of-the-Art Design is well-suited for most of the RFID Applications as follows:

  • RFID Attendance System
  • RFID Smart Shopping System
  • RFID File Tracking System
  • RFID Inventory Management System
  • RFID Library Management System
  • RFID Security Guard Monitoring System
  • RFID Asset Tracking System
  • RFID Vehicle Parking System
  • RFID Based Industry Supply Chain Management System
  • RFID Smart Conveyor System

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