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RFID Antenna AN480

Features of

RFID Antenna AN480

Greenfuturz has emerged as the Leading Supplier of Zebra AN480 RFID Single Port Long range Antenna in India and we have achieved this milestone through our Best competitive Price.

“Exceptional Quality RFID UHF Antenna with Excellent Performance & Wide Coverage”

These RFID antennas are uniquely designed to meet the worldwide enterprise needs.

The wide frequency range of these Long range UHF Antenna makes it highly suitable for reading the RFID Tags more Accurately & Promptly.

It comes with Zebra’s Standard Mounting Brackets that makes it easy-to-implement.

This industrial class RFID UHF Antenna is best suited for both Indoor and Outdoor RFID Applications.

Where These RFID Antennas Are Used?

  • Retail Stores
  • Manufacturing Sectors
  • Warehouse Management
  • Vehicle Parking Applications
  • Jewelry Stores
Mechanical Characteristics
Dimensions- Without mounting screws(LxWxD) 10.2 in. L x 10.2 in. W x 1.32 in. D, 25.91 cm L x 25.91 cm W x 3.35 cm D
Dimensions- With mounting screw 10.2 in. L x 10.2 in. W x 1.98 in. D, 25.91 cm L x 25.91 cm W x 5.03 cm D
Weight 2.5 lbs./1.13 kg
Polarization LHCP and RHCP
Frequency 865-956 MHz
Environmental IP54 Connectors Type “N” female, Max. VSWR 1.22:1
Free Space Max. VSW Ground 1.3:1 at .15 Meter
Nominal Impedance 50 Ohm
Beam Width – Horizontal 3 dB 65°
Beam Width – Vertical 3 dB 65°
Gain 6 dBil max.
Axial Ratio 1.5 dB max.
DC Resistance 10K Ohm
Front to Back Ratio 18 dB
Power 2 Watts
Transport Vibration IEC-68 series
UV Rating F2 per UL 746C

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