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RFID Connected Warehouse Management System

RFID Connected Warehouse Management System

In warehouse logistics, RFID technology actively replaces bar-coding technology. This is due to the fact that RFID technology has a number of advantages in use. For example, it significantly speeds up the processes in your enterprise and prevents costs arising from the fault of the human factor

Purpose of RFID application in warehouses

The main purpose of using RFID technology in warehouse complexes is to reduce production costs. This is achieved thanks to the following technology preferences: Reducing the impact of the human factor.

rfid warehouse

RFID allows you to refuse the manual input of information about the object; allows you to check the shipped / received goods with documents directly at the time of loading / unloading. Acceleration of business processes. RFID does not require the opening of common packages, the positioning of each identified object with respect to readers, and allows identifying more than 1,000 unique objects simultaneously.


RFID technology allows automatic reconciliation of received goods with invoices directly during the unloading process, without distracting personnel

Putaway ( forklift-mountable RFID reader ) :A forklift reader can automatically record  pallets and  exact bin location without requiring the operator to enter a location code or pallets ,barcode .

RFID technology allows you to monitor the correctness of the complete shipment without opening the package directly at the time of loading the pallets into the vehicle. At the same time, the accuracy of addressing the shipment is also verified, which avoids serious mistakes, leading to large financial and temporary losses.

RFID allows you to reduce the time of the inventory and reduce the labor intensity of the process several times compared with manual methods and barcoding. Inventory time is reduced by more than 10 times, which significantly reduces the simple and distracting employees from performing their basic duties.

Locate goods:
RFID allows you to locate the location of the desired object, which reduces the complexity of finding objects in the warehouse.

Control of the working packaging:
The use of RFID for the control of the reverse packaging (OT) allows you to enter the tracking of the movement of OT
plan its use, monitor balances, and prevent non-targeted use of OT

Control of movement in the warehouse:
RFID allows you to track the movement of personnel, forklifts, vehicles and other objects in the warehouse. This allows you to optimize workflows, reduce the number of collisions and incidents in your production.

Greenfuturz RFID Warehouse module

  • Receiving
  • Put away
  • Picking
  • Shipping
  • Stock transfers
  • inventory count

We can help you connect RFID data directly to ERP and SAP , giving you
real-time, accurate stock data for your supply chain.