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RFID Retail Solutions / RFID Retail Inventory Management

RFID Retail Solutions / RFID Retail Inventory Management

“Profit, Productivity, Customer Experience & Satisfaction”

These are the Major Goals of any Retail Industry & RFID Retail System helps you to achieve all of these.

“Delight your Customers with the Joy of RFID Retail Shopping Experience”

A report says that, Customers are more Attracted towards the store where they can experience some new Technologies that makes their Shopping Experience More Interesting!

RFID has several Unique Functionalities that makes the Customer to Visit your Store Again & Again!

It has the potential to improve transparency in Item-flow, Stock Availability, Item Location Tracking & Real-Time Data Analytics.

It also helps in Bulk Reading of Tags while checking the items count in Large Inventories.

Amazing Features of RFID Retail System

Theft Prevention

Secure your Retail Store with Specialized RFID Tagged Products Integrated with EAS Gates. Turn On Alarms when Shoplifters Attempt to leave the store with Stolen Items.

Self Check-Out

Don’t let your Customers spend a lot of time in Waiting-Queues! Customers can choose their desired products and Bill them by themselves and Leave the Store.

Delightful Customer Experience

Your Staffs can now spend their valuable time by assisting your customers, as RFID automatically manages Stock Check, Item Location & Inventory handling. This Improved Client Experience Attracts more Customers to your Store!

Smart Display

Engage your Customers with Visual Displays of their chosen product. Provide them Product Spec, Available Colors/Sizes & Price on a Customized Digital Display Portal.

Stock Visibility / Inventory Tracking

Easy, Fast & Accurate Stock Counts across your Store / Supply-Chain. Up-to-Date view of Stock and improved Shipping Accuracy. Eliminate Unnecessary Stock-Buffer!

Increased Product Availability

Escape “Out of Stock” situations with Regular Stock Check Cycles. Completely remove Stock Inaccuracies.

Real-Time Location, Data & Analytics

Track the Location of your Product Accurately as they move anywhere around the Store/ Inventory. Detailed Merchandise Data & Analytics helps to Understand the Performance of Each and Every Product / Store!

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