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RFID School Attendance System

RFID School Attendance System

This is an automated system for recording attendance of the institution based on RFID technology, which is a set of technical tools, running specialized software, developed by Greenfuturz.

How to improve the quality and safety of the educational process…?

The presence of non-attendance sessions factor makes the education process ineffective. It has a bad effect on the quality of life of society. Indian schools are all set to implement a high-tech solution that will enable the school and parents to monitor and track student’s entry and exit from school, called RFID and SMS based student attendance system.

This monitoring system already been adopted by many renowned schools in India and the process of adoption is still going on.

rfid schoo attendance system

Operating Principle

Automated RFID system is based on the ultra UHF Technology. Students will be identified at the entrance to school at a distance of 5 – 7 meters from the RFID-receiver. The technology will allow students to register en masse at the entrance to the free flow of traffic. Each student receives badge or bracelet with a special RFID-tag containing certain information about the object.

Automatic control of the movement of students will improve the accuracy of accounting data and their processing. The system ensures the accuracy of registration through the checkpoints and thus eliminating the possibility of errors due to human factors. Parents will always know what their child is doing in school time.

System functions

  • The contactless identification in the “hands-free mode
  • Event logging database
  • Different ways to alert parents about the time of entry and exit of the child from school
  • Access to the personal account to manage and configure the individual parameters of the system operation
  • Formation of the statistical and analytical reports the attendance of students and school staff
  • Payment of cost of services in several ways
  • Integration with other information systems of the institution

The advantages of using the system


  • Effective way to combat absenteeism
  • Instant control of attendance of pupils / school teachers
  • Statistics for missing pupils / school teachers
  • Surgical formation of attendance records in electronic form
  • Increasing security of educational institutions


  • Instant traffic control
  • Always know your child in school or miss classes